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This web cam is located at the offices of Arthur Publishing on Vernal Pike, Bloomington, IN.  The web cam overlooks the parking lot, lawn and part of West Vernal Pike (street). 

[Currently the web cam server is being replaced/upgraded with a Mac G4 and is unavailable.]

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web cam capture

Above is a captured image from the web cam.  The web cam image is updated every 15 seconds at the The Vernal Pike Web Cam site.  The web cam image on the cam page is larger than the capture displayed above.

There are links on the web cam site to other large directories of world wide web cams.  Check them out.

Camcentral.com homepage

Camcentral.com random cams

Earthcam.com web cams from around the world

Also formerly located in the bottom frame of the web cam page, but now at GetaGolfSwing.com are many links to all of your Golfing needs and wantsClick on me and check them out.

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